“Dampness and Neglect in Buildings is the main cause for Fungal Decay and deterioration of Internal Building materials. Having a Property Health Check can prevent costly problems and repairs in the future”.

We provide services for the Private Home Owner /Commercial Industry, and Local Housing Associations.

Over 4,000 property’s surveyed within the north west.

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Property Health Checks is an independent specialist surveying company, whose aim and interest is to establish the cause of problems in properties, also recommending the types of treatment / works required to solve these problems.

Some contractors today will carry out a free survey. Be aware of these as they may survey your property and diagnose the problem according to their line of business and to the services of their company. This may lead to very costly unnecessary works and confusion about what problem actually really exists, and in some cases may not even solve the problem.

The fact that we are independent means that we have no ties to any contractors, and so have no financial gain from finding problems that do not exist. We will therefore assess the problem and come to a conclusion and supply a specification of works if needed, completely independently.

Rising Dampness:

Rising dampness is caused by moisture rising up through porous masonry, the origin of the water being from the ground.  Ground water contains soluble salts including chloride and nitrate and the result of long term rising damp complex is that these become deposited within the masonry as the rising water evaporates.  The movement of water and evaporation will also move any soluble salts naturally occurring in some materials, eg sulphate.  Due to the rise of the water and pattern of evaporation a ‘salt band’ (a general concentration of salts) is left towards the maximum height of rise of the dampness.  Higher concentrations are also found towards the surface but the base of the walls may remain relatively free from significant contamination.

The rise of the water is governed by a number of factors including the pore structure, diameter of the pore, wall thickness and the rate of evaporation.  Indeed, it is often recorded that rising dampness cannot rise more than 1m but heights sometimes well in excess of this are not uncommon.

What is not generally appreciated is that the mortar courses are usually more porous than the masonry units which they surround, and it is the mortar courses which form the only continuous pathway for the water to rise; if water is to pass between masonry units it must cross the mortar beds. It is therefore essential to ensure that the mortar beds are effectively damp-proof coursed because if only the masonry units receive treatment the water will still rise through the mortar and no control of the rising dampness will be effected. On the other hand if you bought a condo such as the ones at 38 park avenue Cebu then rising damp would not be a problem with it being 38 floors tall


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Mole Removal Remedies for your Health

There are a number of reasons why a person would want a mole removed through some sort of natural mole removal method or through surgery. Two of the reasons could be that the person feels embarrass or the person needs to increase the level of self-confidence. Whatever reason you may have in using natural mole removal or surgical methods in removing moles, you have come to the right website.

Why are moles causing low self-confidence?

Moles can be found in different areas of the body and in both men and women. The presence of a mole or of moles in the body can be a cause for low self-confidence for a number of individuals because of the location of the growth. Specifically, moles that are on the face and in other areas that are easily seen and attract attention are causing this feeling. This is true especially when the shape and appearance of the mole is really ugly and the size is really big. This is why many are finding a natural mole removal remedy that can safely remove the mole without scarring. Some may even prefer laser treatment as they are fast and effective although the treatment is expensive.

Removing the face mole or moles on exposed areas somehow boosts the self-confidence of certain individuals. Such that they prefer a face which is free from moles and other skin growths. However, there are many individuals who do not want a face mole removed as they do not feel embarrassed by it. Truth to say, they seem to like it and feels that it adds beauty to their face. Well, in case you want your mole removed it best to consult the doctor for diagnosis and the most suitable natural mole removal home remedy.

As of now, there are about hundreds of natural mole removal at home remedies to choose from which all aims at effectively removing the mole. According to natural mole removal reviews, more and more individuals are inclined to use a natural mole removal treatment than surgical methods as they are cheaper. We have prepared a list of some natural remedies that might help certain individuals in removing unpleasant moles and boost their self-confidence.

1. Honey as a natural mole removal remedy. Applying honey on the mole can work wonders. You will need to apply honey each day on the mole until it is completely removed. This treatment would require time and patience as changed will be noticed gradually and not overnight.

2. Garlic can be used as a good natural remedy. Many skin care remedies are now using garlic. Not only is garlic used as primary ingredients for skin products, it can likewise be used to naturally remove a mole. The garlic is a good remedy for dealing with skin infections. For natural mole removal you will need to make juice out of a few garlic cloves and apply the juice on the mole regularly. The garlic juice will help in drying out the mole until it falls off naturally. Again, you will need patience on this method as removing moles will require time.

3. Natural pineapple juice can be an effective mole removal remedy. Natural pineapple juice according to studies helps in improving the skin condition. Which is why drinking such juice regularly can definitely help prevent further growth of the unpleasant mole.

4. Mole removal can be through using apple cider vinegar. Dip a cotton swab for a few minutes into the apple cider vinegar and place the cotton on top of the mole. Let the cotton stay in place for 10-15 minutes each day. With this natural mole removal method the skin condition will likely improve in a few days.

5. Using potato and banana peels as natural treatment. Applying banana or potato peel on top of the mole for a few minutes repeatedly for a number of days will lead to positive results. Of course, you need patience for this natural treatment as well.

6. Removal of moles can be through a natural mole removal cream. One of the most used options in removing moles is using natural mole removal cream products. These are the skin mole removal products that you can buy over the counter without a prescription. If these creams are used in a correct manner and applied diligently you will see positive results after a few weeks. But remember to test the product first and read the label because some skin care products may cause skin irritation.

Moreover, be sure to check the ingredients used in making the cream. You can even do a research on the how safe and effective a product is before using. Better yet, consult the doctor for the suitable cream for your mole. Follow instructions on the product and clean the mole prior to application. Making sure you only use a safe treatment appropriate for your mole is of great importance.

7. Make your own natural mole removal recipe. Yes, you can create your very own natural mole removal cream using ingredients that are all natural. Natural ingredients can be combined in order to come up with an effective mole removal cream which is as effective as those sold commercially. Information regarding how to make these natural creams and pastes for removing moles can be found online for free.

The results of using your home made natural mole removal cream will likely depend on the ingredients you used. You can also ask skin experts on the possible ingredients you can use to make this creams and remove your moles safely.

Please note: It is always advised and important that you consult the doctor or a skin care specialist before you apply any natural mole removal method, undergo surgery, or use any best mole removal products. Some moles are cancerous and require other form of treatments. This is to ensure that you only use the appropriate approach in removing a mole should it be removed depending on the advice and diagnosis of the doctor or skin specialist.

You can describe a mole in different ways depending on the size, appearance, and location. Some of which are weird-looking, unpleasant, painful, and ugly. All of which are causing embarrassment and the feeling of low self-confidence for a lot of individuals. Moles have existed for centuries and as long as they continue to exist, people will not stop finding effective mole removal methods regardless if it be natural mole removal remedies or surgical methods. Just remember, let the doctor check your moles first before even trying to remove them.

Removing moles for some individuals is necessary to improve their level of self-confidence. This is especially true for a lot of actresses and actors nowadays. They would prefer to have a clean face or part of the body which everyone looks at. A lot of them would also prefer surgical methods in order to quickly get rid of unpleasant moles. But for other individuals, using natural mole removal methods are good options which are safe and effective. In addition, these natural remedies are cheaper than surgical methods. However, these effective natural remedies would require patience and the proper attitude because the results will take time to take effect.

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How To Get Rid Of Warts On Hands

If you want to learn treatments for warts on hands then we have to start by looking at how they get there in the first place. We are all vulnerable to the HPV virus that causes warts to start growing under the skin. Warts can quite literally appear anywhere on the body and the virus can spread in your bloodstream and manifest anywhere on the body. Different strands of the virus will be more likely to form on different parts of the body where the conditions are ideal for it to start growing.

The good news is that we all have a natural defense against warts. Our immune system can fight off viruses. This is not always the case though since viruses “get hold of us” every now and again and the common flue virus is just one good example. Lapses in your resistance can cause the dormant HPV virus in your body to start manifesting on the surface of the skin.
So, why are warts on hands so prominent?
Since our hands is the part of us that is in constant contact with the world its subject to a lot of viruses all the time. Our hands are also constantly subject to small cuts and cracks and this can allow the virus to enter the body – often without you even knowing it.

Another major cause is that of contracting the virus from someone else. The habit of shaking hands and holding hands is common in our culture. Since the HPV virus is highly contagious its no wonder that it can spread easily from person to person.

How to get rid of warts on hands
The most common methods are that of burning off the wart or freezing it off. Both these methods are best performed by your doctor . By burning off the wart with a laser or warts removal it allows the doctor to burn all the way down under the skin and kill off the entire wart. By freezing it off, he or she can use a liquid nitrogen solution to burn deep under the skin but it offers far less control over how deep it goes.
Both these methods will leave scars and although it usually gets removed under a local anesthetic it can be relatively painful. It can leave you unable to use your hands properly for a few days until the wounds start healing.

The downside of these methods is that it does not always remove the entire wart and it could grow back. It can also be very expensive. The results are very quick though which is one of the major advantages.
By opting for a natural or home remedy you will probably not see instant results but its very inexpensive and won’t leave any scars. The results you get with home remedies vary greatly from person to person. You can opt for the duct tape method, using citric acid from lemons or garlic extracts – all do work to a certain degree.
Your last option is just to leave it and allow your body’s natural defenses to take care of it. The real danger is the fact that warts are highly contagious and you can spread it on yourself. Since your hands are constantly touching the rest of you body, its not uncommon to spread it on yourself. This is why warts on hands can be so dangerous and why you need to get rid of them as soon as you possibly can.

These are not the only ways how to get rid of warts on hands. If you are concerned then its best to speak to your doctor since more severe breakouts can quickly become a big problem. A few small warts can be controlled with home remedies or with over the counter products.

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How To Get Rid Of A Wart? Give A Look Here

Wart can be removed in several ways. There are plenty of wart removal techniques and treatments. You have options like homeopathy, herbs, surgery, creams and some home based natural solutions. Thanks to these treatments that can help easy safe and cost saving wart removal.
Have a look at the following points to know how to get rid of a wart.

You can clear wart at home!

• Apply Salicylic acid direct on warts. Apply once in a day and repeat this method for a few weeks. Your warts disappear in a few weeks. But you have to keep three things in mind. First, do not use excessive quantity of acid. Apply the acid only on the wart. And last but not he least, avoid applying on warts those that are on sensitive area.
• Generally known as acne–removal cream, Tretinoin also works great on warts. This application has been approved by the American Academy of Dermatology. Use this cream once on warts. You will find result in few weeks.
• Cantharidin is another medicated solution. Cantharidin helps to eliminate warts from you face, feet and other area. For best result, learn from your doctor how to get rid of a wart using cantharidin.
• Liquid nitrogen solution is effective. But this treatment is prescribed very rare, often in case of difficult wart situation. Unlike other wart treatments, you can not apply this yourself. Your doctor can treat your warts using liquid nitrogen solution. It will take three weeks to cure warts.

Duct tape to get rid of a wart

Duct tape method is quite common and many claim this method as one of the most effective and best wart removal. The procedure is easy and less risky. You have to cover up the warts with duct tape. Continue the process for a couple of week with changing the tape once in a week. When you want to remove the tape, soak it in warm water and scrub using a pumice stone.
Go for surgery if you have difficult types of warts, a surgery will be effective. Cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular wart removal treatments. This can eliminate your warts entirely. However, there is one disadvantage. Surgery, in most case leaves with scar marks on your skin.

Natural therapy on how to get rid of a wart

You can learn how to get rid of a wart using natural components. Natural and kitchen ingredients can treat and cure warts. Among several effective natural wart removal components, there are milk weed herbs, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic, white vinegar, castor oil , cashew nut oil and many more.

Apple cider vinegar

An effective home based remedy for removing warts. You can directly apply this solution on a wart. Never use it in excess. The best thing is to use a small cotton piece to apply apple cider vinegar on warts. Try it once in a day.

Lemon juice

Apply two or three drops on warts. Do it twice in a day. Lemon juice is acidic and anti bacterial as well. It will soften the area and penetrate the skin. After a couple of weeks, you will find the result.

Castor oil

Apply three or four drops of castor oil on warts. Rub the area. Let it stay for a day, repeat the process till you get satisfactory feedback.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is great treatment for warts. You can apply aloe vera juice and cover up the area with a bandage. Let it stay overnight. You will find efficient result in a few weeks.
If you want safe and side effect free wart treatment, then natural ingredients are best.